Battlefield 3 – Metro Flanking #1

Track: Down The Road - C2C Metro CQ64 sucks..... its a chaotic clusterfuck crammed with the common suspects of nerve-wrecking players (from noobtubers to flashlight snipers

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer gameplay high-ultra settings

GT440 boosted, no recording 35-45fps With recording thirty-25fps My pc specs: Intel Main I3 GT440 1GB 4GB RAM WINDOWS7Ultimate 64-bit

battlefield 3 on GT630

FPS take a look at on Gigabyte GeForce GT630 videocard, If you have any ideas on following match i ought to take a look at,

Battlefield 3 Beta Gameplay PC (ULTRA SETTINGS)

Battlefield 3 Beta played on my Computer. Video clip options are on "Ultra" with resolution of 1680x1050. Specs: Q9550 @ 3.2GHZ/1600FSB, GTX 470 Graphics, 8GB

Epic Tank vs. Skid loader battle in Battlefield 3!

This is from a several months back, when me and a n00b referred to as Mr.Slayer were being fooling all around in BF3. We started

R.I.P TASTATUR «» Funny Moments [Battlefield 4] #3

Hier seht ihr eine Runde, die höhen und tiefen hat.Wie findet ihr die AA? Ist die Antiair in Battlefield four OP? «»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«» Sponsoring: Gut,Schnelle Recreation- und Voice-Server «»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«» »

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