►No Man’s Sky | 4 mins. RAW B-Roll Footage with Sounds! [HQ]

►No Man’s Sky raw Gameplay footage by Elca (2016)
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Footage is from Sony.
All sounds are ingame but not closing, this is not the closing blend that will be in the game.

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No Man’s Sky ist ein prozedural generiertes Indie-Spiel von Howdy Online games, das in einem quasi unendlichen Universum mit weit über 18 Trillionen einzigartigen Planeten spielt, die man mit seinem errungenen Raumschiff oder zu Fuß erkunden kann. Es gibt Leben, dass immer anders aussieht, man kann craften, sammeln, handeln, mit NPCs sprechen, Rohstoffe abbauen diese weiterverkaufen und viel mehr…


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20 thoughts on “►No Man’s Sky | 4 mins. RAW B-Roll Footage with Sounds! [HQ]

  1. Lol all the hatters in the comments that know nothing about the game, go to cobra tv you may leanr something, XD who am i kidding you will learn everything well a lot more than what you don't know now more or less anyways stop hating and actually go find info on this game instead of sittting going no boring you don't do anything, whats the point, actually go look up something about this game then once you get enough info if any then judge and if that info isn't enough then freaking wait till the game comes out watch people play it then decide, man i swear people still arent getting it, it's called not spoling the game like every other develpoer has showing everything at once in their trailers or small gameplay

  2. Raw footage? This is cutscene loop in recent videos from game webs. Two planets in loop. Well, well done gentlemen. Seems like you've got nothing. Not even procedural generator.

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