Battlefield 3 Beta Gameplay PC (ULTRA SETTINGS)

Battlefield 3 Beta played on my Computer. Video clip options are on “Ultra” with resolution of 1680×1050. Specs: Q9550 @ 3.2GHZ/1600FSB, GTX 470 Graphics, 8GB 1066 RAM

2 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Beta Gameplay PC (ULTRA SETTINGS)

  1. @creationpz
    The 470 is the better card but gets hot and uses serious power. All of its vram is used in BF3 beta. The 6870 has less vram than 470 but if you crossfire 2 of them you should be good. I have heard great things about the 6xxx series drivers from ATI.

    470 = better single card/ very hot and power hungry

    6870 = better dual card, better power, better heat/ less vram all by itself, not as fast by itself

  2. hmm .. i'm very confused about my new GPU. Would I go with the Gigabyte HD6870 or Gainward GTX470, which I can find on very reasonable price. There's sth even more confusing – in years it seems that AMD Drivers are problematic, but i'm worried that the GTX470 can rise very high temperatures and more consumption, compared to 6870.. And last but not least – how much of the VRAM is battlefield 3 taking u? I

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