battlefield 3 on GT630

FPS take a look at on Gigabyte GeForce GT630 videocard, If you have any ideas on following match i ought to take a look at, remark down there.
With Fraps: Avg: 29.602 – Min: 19 – Max: 41
With out Fraps:Avg: 29.266 – Min: 21 – Max: 50

In match options:
Resolution: 1280×720
Graphics options: Medium

Intel G550 two.6GHz Dual-main
Gigabyte GF GT630 (Of class)
8GB 1066MHz Kingston RAM
Motherboard ASUS P8B75-M LE
Windows seven 64bit

My framerate would be bigger if i would have much better CPU, preserving up funds for i5 quad-main

13 thoughts on “battlefield 3 on GT630

  1. Do not be too sure, if you can set the GT 630 in the Nvidia panel, you can put the maximum antiospirostico, 32mxssa, you can upload everything and sees everything in great detail everything, and with higher performance.

    yesterday, did not know which was better but after some tests and comparisons, I realized that it is better GT630

  2. first depending on motherboard, if its no too old, but it should be alright. It would be good enough upgrade if you are not going to play newest games at Full HD res and high graphics 😀 my setup can run like newest games at mid graphics and like 900p or 720p

  3. In this case there is no diference because all clocks are same, but asus one can be overclocked while gigabyte one can't. So asus when overclocked would do even better.

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