Epic Tank vs. Skid loader battle in Battlefield 3!

This is from a several months back, when me and a n00b referred to as Mr.Slayer were being fooling all around in BF3. We started off “preventing” with these two, remarkable cars. It was rather humorous and I did not even know that I recorded it, so I when I randomly identified it I considered the planet really should see this. So here it is, love.

Recorded with Dxtory 2.. I play at 1920×1080 higher settings. Recorded and rendered at 720p.

Gigabyte GA-PA65-UD3-B3 (H61 Chipset)
Intel i3 2100
Gigabyte HD6850 1GB
4GB (2x2GB) Corsair Vengeance 1333MHz CL9 Ram
2x200GB Samsung SATA HDD
RaptoxX 600W PSU

21 thoughts on “Epic Tank vs. Skid loader battle in Battlefield 3!

  1. It wasn't me starting it, I have nothing against PS3 players tbh. I like to think that PC gamers are generally more intelligent than the console-crowd, but that is mostly due to the stupidity and immaturity of the general Xbox360 player. I respect PS for its history.
    I also think that PC gaming is slightly superior to anything else on the market at the moment (better graphics, performance and services) but I don't hate PS for that. Though if one hates on PC, they'd better prepare their butts.

  2. @gabrocki I've never understood why pc gamers hate on ps3 gamers :( wich is more likely to be hacked? a bf3 PC server or a PS3 server ?… tell me that

  3. Whaddya mean? I'm not even a YT partner, so they aren't supposed to put ads on my video. Also I'm using adblocker. So ads can fuck off.

  4. @DeadQuackk
    1. watch in HD
    2. this game looks better on PC than on any console
    3. get a life you troll console kid, or just hang yourself. No one loves you and your sad life, you COD kid.
    4. Get blocked.

  5. haha nice shit recording with your fucking camera hahahahahahahaha pc is shit and so is your life ,what to poor to buy a game recording software? Umadbro?

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