Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

Initially and formal gameplay trailer for Mad Max The Movie Activity, named “Soul of a Male” ! Be part of us on Fb : and subscribe now :

Mad Max Gameplay Trailer. Release date : 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Computer. Subscribe now to get the hottest sport trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic movie, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos with Activity News Official (GameNews) ! Mad Max Trailer.

41 thoughts on “Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

  1. The trailer doesn't do the game justice, after watching this I thought the game was going to be bad, holy fuck was I wrong.

  2. In retrospect between the horrendous lag and the fact none of the cars have any windshields I should've just stuck with the trailer and filled in the blanks with my head.

  3. You all that is talking about the new Mad Max movie. Watch the original ones first. You really need to watch the original movies first before the remakes.

  4. People always say and think to games "oh it has old graphics so it sucks" which is stupid because it doesn't matter, only the gameplay matters but I'm not saying it doesn't support the and this game proves my point.

  5. Looks like a bad combination of Batman and Borderlands.

    the combat don't look good and how they walk it seems very laggy

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