Mafia 3 Hands-On Gameplay: Taking Over New Orleans One Crime at a Time

We played two hours of Mafia three and lost rely of how several skulls we cracked.

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24 thoughts on “Mafia 3 Hands-On Gameplay: Taking Over New Orleans One Crime at a Time

  1. Mafia, and not that much in mafia2 – there was gr8 storrylane, there was like special state of mind, such romantical temper.. now there will be mexican who will see thtough walls, upgrade his cars, un fock everybody with bigguns in open world.. feels sad man

  2. Oh, I'm DEFINITELY taking my time with this game. Setting up rackets and taking down rival strongholds are my ideas of a good open-world experience.

  3. why ai doenst take cover instead run towards you why you dont die when you are not in cover why theres 2 second takedown cutscenes why cars are hovering?

  4. October is the best month of gaming hands down… with the PlayStation vr, mafia 3, and gears of war 4 just to name a few… its going to be an awesome month of gaming, can't wait.

  5. I loved Mafia 2, but I could never finish it because of a game breaking glitch. Anyways excited for this one, but have always felt a little weird about it being in New Orleans, but oh well, i'll get past that.

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