Subnautica Gameplay – Early Access

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28 thoughts on “Subnautica Gameplay – Early Access

  1. I was near the aurora , saw the big, thing that usually grabs you when you are in seamoth, drove away form it, teleports right in front of me, drove away again, teleports again and snaps me, trying to escape, grabs me again and seamoth explodes
    ''I stopped playing the game'' -ign 10/10

  2. u guys should add like secret areas with inside of them and if u kill them u get like cool accessories and equipment n stuff but first u guys will have to add fund ism I'm just taking bs but u guys should. totally look into it

  3. hey subnautica guys one day you should add creatures big enough to eat your cyclops meybe when those teleporting guys come they have a chance to take you to another world

  4. are you guys adding life pod #7 now cause people are wondering if the people of life pod #7 died or got kidnapped by a secret organization your adding

  5. Can you guys maybe make a update that when you build a base on land you would not be Able to use the airlocks only bulkheaddorrs or a door its pretty weird to Have a airlocks on a land base anyway sorry for bad english ps when is the game comin for ps4

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