Battlefield 3 – Metro Flanking #1

Track: Down The Road - C2C Metro CQ64 sucks..... its a chaotic clusterfuck crammed with the common suspects of nerve-wrecking players (from noobtubers to flashlight snipers with all the things in involving) ...but occasionally.... when you get that breakthrough just right, items can get... oh so satisfying. All it usually takes is some

battlefield 3 on GT630

FPS take a look at on Gigabyte GeForce GT630 videocard, If you have any ideas on following match i ought to take a look at, remark down there. With Fraps: Avg: 29.602 - Min: 19 - Max: 41 With out Fraps:Avg: 29.266 - Min: 21 - Max: 50 In

GTX 770 4GB Windforce BF4 Surround Gameplay

Playing Battlefield 4 on a Nvidia surround setup at 6040x1080p. Personal computer specs: i7 3820 @ 4.3ghz 16gb ddr3 1600mhz CAS 9 Ram (You only want 8 for this match) Gigabyte Windforce GTX 770 4GB @ 1280mhz main and 7500mhz memory. Samsung Professional 256GB SSD (BF4 loaded on this.) Only can help with load moments.

Battlefiled 3 Multiplayer – I5 4670K – GTX 960 – 8GB RAM

Battlefield three Campaign PayPal: PayPal Donation let me to obtain new online games for more screening and video's also I want to obtain more machines to show your more benchmarks with other procedures and GPU's as well as more. Battlefield three Low cost quality.html Observe Me On Twitter My Specs: CPU: I5 4670K Main Speed:

BF3 Below Min Specs Koniving Campaign ON HARD P6

Section six of eight vids. Exhibit more information. This episode is identified as "Yay, more male butt... " My first vids of taking part in Battlefield three beneath the minimum specs got astonishing perspective counts, which, I'm surprised anybody even watches this shit so it is really like O_O! With that, and

Battlefield 3 MSI Afterburner Recording test

Just a fast recording in Battlefield three. Almost nothing particular. All settings are on Ultra. Personal computer Specs: CPU: Intel i5-2500k LGA 1155 Quad Core Overclocked @ four.2GHz Mobo: MSI P67A-GD53 (B3) ATX Military services Class RAM: 8192MB (8GB) Corsair Vengeance (2x4GB) 1600MHz GPU: MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 2GB