Battlefield 3 – Metro Flanking #1

Track: Down The Road - C2C Metro CQ64 sucks..... its a chaotic clusterfuck crammed with the common suspects of nerve-wrecking players (from noobtubers to flashlight snipers with all the things in involving) ...but occasionally.... when you get that breakthrough just right, items can get... oh so satisfying. All it usually takes is some

battlefield 3 on GT630

FPS take a look at on Gigabyte GeForce GT630 videocard, If you have any ideas on following match i ought to take a look at, remark down there. With Fraps: Avg: 29.602 - Min: 19 - Max: 41 With out Fraps:Avg: 29.266 - Min: 21 - Max: 50 In

R.I.P TASTATUR «» Funny Moments [Battlefield 4] #3

Hier seht ihr eine Runde, die höhen und tiefen hat.Wie findet ihr die AA? Ist die Antiair in Battlefield four OP? «»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«» Sponsoring: Gut,Schnelle Recreation- und Voice-Server «»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«» » Gäste/Mitspieler « Bryan aka. xXAngryMutoXx: «»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«»--«» » Social Media « Falls ihr mit mir Kommunizieren wollt, könnt ihr mich unter Folgenden Websiten/Namen finden. Twitch: http://twitch.television/brebbzhd Twitter: Teamspeak 3: Steam: BrebbzHD Origin:

Battlefield 3 – Beta Multiplayer Gameplay

Heute beginnt die Beta für alle Crucial Inhaber für Battlefield three, alle die keinen Crucial haben dürfen am Donnerstag ran! Viel Spaß mit unseren Multiplayer Gameplays wünscht euch euer InQontrol Clan! Demnächst folgen kommentierte Spiele! Specs: [GTX 460 q6600 @3GHz] forty-50fps @Ultra Configurations: Alles bis zum Anschlag AA

Trailer of Grand Theft Auto 4 (PC)

This is the trailer of GTA four I created, for the announcement, what claims GTA four will come out to Computer system. I hope, you will get pleasure from it. ok, we got the procedure needs... Minimum amount: Op.Process: Windows Vista - Service Pack one or XP - Service Pack three CPU: Intel Core

Grey Goo – Multiplayer 2v2 – HAND OF RUSH #28

Grey Goo multiplayer gameplay trailer video game rts assessment mod beta scenario I’m enjoying Grey Goo multiplayer. I’m however kinda noob at the video game, so if you have any beneficial suggestions or tricks feel no cost to remark. Do you like technique games like Starcraft and Command and Conquer? This is